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What is fat freezing?

Many of us want to be our best possible selves – and part of that is ensuring we look and feel fantastic, with confidence that’s infectious. One area we help lots of our clients with in and around Harrow is achieving a more pleasing silhouette. Read on to find out more about fat freezing in Harrow and why it could be the treatment you’ve been looking for.

What is fat freezing?

It’s a scientific-based treatment that helps to target and eliminate fat cells, which are then naturally passed out of the body. It’s a great option for people who eat well and exercise often but have built up stubborn pockets of fat. And as we age, fat can be harder to shift, too.

Why have fat freezing?

This treatment isn’t about creating the slimmest or skinniest version of you. It’s about achieving the aesthetic you want – whether it’s a svelte and toned figure or gorgeous curves. Sometimes, even with the healthiest vegetable-filled diet and regular gym sessions, fat won’t shift on its own. So in these cases, it is an ideal treatment choice.

Is fat freezing dangerous?

No. We would never offer treatments that are dangerous and in all our procedures, we aim to keep you safe and comfortable at all times. Fat freezing only targets fat cells in the treated area, without damaging the surrounding skin.

How successful is fat freezing?

The treatment permanently destroys the targeted fat cells. But, it’s possible more fat can build up in the area (or elsewhere) over time and with age. Having a treatment plan with us, and regularly reviewing areas where you’re seeing fat build-up can help keep on top of it for the long-term.

Is fat freezing a surgical treatment?

No. That means you don’t have the same level of risk associated with it – like infection, for example. While we will ask you to follow some aftercare following your treatment, you won’t need a long recovery time, like you might with a surgical intervention.

Will fat freezing tone my skin?

Yes, you could see better firmness and tautness in the treated area afterwards. Because the body will need to break down and eliminate the fat cells, you may need to wait a few days to weeks for your results to develop.

What else do I need to know?

Our experts would love to help you achieve your perfect figure. If you’d like to know more about fat freezing, book your treatment in Harrow or Pinner or ask about what else we can help with at The Laser Clinic, simply get in touch today.

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