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Laser Hair Removal

In Harrow and Pinner


Laser hair removal is a sought-after treatment for both men and women who want to permanently remove unwanted hair. At The Laser Clinic in Harrow and Pinner, we use the advanced Pro Max Candela, a dual wavelength device that delivers an effective and comfortable hair removal treatment, suitable for most skin types, skin tones, and areas of the body.

Whether on the bikini line, underarms, upper lip or elsewhere, The Pro Max Candela safely and effectively clears your skin of unwanted growth.

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The benefits of laser hair removal

The benefits of this treatment in Harrow and Pinner are numerous, including:

  • Treatment is suitable for both men and women
  • Hair re-growth reduction can be seen after the first treatment
  • Avoids shaving complications such as in-grown hairs and irritation
  • Dual wavelength technology
  • Cooling system for maximum comfort
  • Can be used on all skin types and tones
  • Delivers lasting results
  • Can treat most areas of the body
  • Precision application that doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does laser hair removal work?

    In our Harrow and Pinner based clinics, we use the Pro Max Candela which targets the melanin in hair follicles, using light energy to heat and break down the pigment. This permanently destroys the individual follicles, stopping hair growth without damaging the surrounding tissue.

  • Does laser hair removal work for dark skin?

    Modern laser technologies, such as the Pro Max Candela, make this procedure safe for every skin type and tone.

  • What does laser hair removal feel like?

    The Pro Max Candela gradually heats and damages the hair follicle. You will be aware of heat within the skin, which can feel like faint prickling.

  • Is there a risk my skin will overheat?

    The Pro Max Candela delivers cool air to the skin to ensure this doesn’t happen. In the hands of our expert clinicians in Harrow and Pinner, the treatment is entirely safe.

  • Can I remove any body hair with laser hair removal?

    The Pro Max Candela is a precise device and can be used anywhere you have hair with enough pigment to catch the light of the laser. It can even be used to remove hair on sensitive areas of skin such as the bikini line.

Your Treatment Journey


At The Laser Clinic in Harrow and Pinner, we emphasise the importance of a consultation, listening carefully and asking questions to understand your concerns and desired outcome. Based on what we learn during your consultation, we’ll draw up a personal treatment plan for you.

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YOUR TREATMENT in Harrow and Pinner

Whether you’re looking to get rid of unwanted hair, eliminate thread veins, or take advantage of our powerful anti ageing treatments, our expert aestheticians will bring their clinical knowledge and skill to bear to deliver the results you’re looking for.


Most treatments require aftercare, ranging from a few hours to several weeks depending on the type and intensity of your chosen treatment. We’ll give you clear guidelines for the aftercare of the treated areas, enabling you to protect and maintain your results.

“Following a consultation, I booked in for a full laser hair removal package. The Laser Clinic team are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and my first laser session was almost pain free! Really positive experience and would highly recommended.”

- George Vargas

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